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Window Tint Medical Exemption List

by Guy

I receive a lot of email asking for information regarding state medical exemptions for window tint. Not all states allow medical exemptions. Most however do. It generally requires a prescription from your physician dictating need. Most states then have a waiver or form for you to fill out at your local department of motor vehicles. After the DMV accepts your application, a vehicle inspection is sometimes required. Some states provide stickers that certify your window tint as being medically exempt. Each state handles this process differently. In my research, I've seen reports of overzealous police officers continuing to issue citations for what they deem to be illegal window tint inspite of a medical exemption. One would assume these cititations would be thrown out in a court of law, however, it's often easier to pay the fine rather than to take time off work to attend a hearing and police officers know this. This is especially true if you're traveling. I just felt I should make you aware, that this is the status quo within the industry, and it may be too much of a headache to bother with, even with medical need.

Below you'll find a cursory overview of the online documentation available for medical exemptions within each state. Email me at info@tintlaws.com if you have any updates to the below list. It's my goal to crowdsource data to find all medical exemption information for each state.